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Privileged with over 30 years combined Car, Sound and Security knowledge and experience

From Stereos, Screens, Navigation systems, security Immobilisers, Thatcham Alarms, Handsfree Kits, Dashcams, Reversing and Parking Aids, Sound Systems to Entertainment products. We can help you lead the way to the best driving experience.

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When you need a Security layer on your vehicle or when it stops working, it’s an emergency, but whatever it is and wherever you purchased it, engineers at CSS can get it sorted. Our experts can advise you on our wide range of security kits that can protect your vehicles against the worst. Likewise delivering a range of sound systems and recommend your upgrades when you need to.

Why at Car sound Security? Because we understand even the tiniest details of every segment of your vehicle and have a variety of installation services that suit you and your purchase. Our trained and entirely equipped engineers are experts in your car, van, taxis and guarantee approved genuine accessories are used in any necessity, so that you can drive away with peace of mind.

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Benefits of Car Sound Security Approved

Understanding the benefits of visiting the Car Sound Security Installation Centre can offer you far greater benefits than you may think and can include some parts and service that often are not replaced by other companies and centres other than CSS.

✓ Confidence

Fittings are carried out with fully trained and experienced CSS engineers at all times.

✓ Transparency

Genuine manufacture and approved parts with 12 months warranty.

✓ Value

Maintain vehicle value when equipped with some of the most premium products and accessories in your vehicle, transferrable across from vehicle to vehicle. So, you never lose out.

✓ Verifiability

Control systems (ICS) allocated in every process with due diligence to your motor.


It is extremely vital for Car Sound Security to implement Internal control systems in every job from a quality standpoint as we have a duty of care towards. Preventive and detective controls are used in playing a critical role within the installation service function of the business.

Preventive & detective Controls

Preventive controls are designed to prevent errors irregularities from occurring right from the very start of the fitting process.

Segregation of Duties

Every Installation carries a minimum of two individuals that have segregation of responsibilities. From the point of carrying out a thorough assessment of the vehicle internally and externally before the installation has started and thereafter the assessment is verified by the customer and the management team. The second employee then actually carries out the installation process. The greater the work of the job the more the level of engineers on the vehicle would be delegated different tasks.

Approval authority

Every Installation includes a controlled check before and after the work has been completed within the vehicle, allowing the management team to assess our engineers on the level of work standards on a regular basis.

In-Store Installation

Customers are able to make product purchases on our online website, yet for Installation Services In-Store. Please contact our team on 0208 554 5554 so we can book a preferred Installation date. Since every vehicle has different fitments or additions, we are unable to provide you with a fixed cost as we would need to carry out a vehicle inspection & thereafter provide an installation cost as well as any parts that maybe required in order to professionally install the desired product within your vehicle.

Mobile Installation

‘It is extremely important that the information provided above is 100% accurate & up-to-date for us to ensure the flow of mobile installation operates without any further issues. Any inaccurate information provided above or unattendance of an individual in the moment of an agreed time & date of Installation will result in the service being non-refundable. The company reserves the right to not provide any refunds of mobile services that are derived from incorrect time, date, handset and vehicle details, vehicle type details or incompatibility of product to the vehicle or vehicle to the product. Therefore, we highly recommend to you that any doubts in the purchase of goods or service you are unsure of must be resolved by contacting our team or with the manufactures.

If you are unavailable at an agreed time & date or if there is any other information that you may feel needs to be corrected. Please contact us on 0208 554 5554 24 hours before Installation date excluding weekends & bank holidays to avoid any further delays. If you wish to cancel a mobile service, then please contact us 48 hours before Installation date, then Car Sound Security reserves the right to only providing a half refund of the mobile service back to you. For example, if your mobile installation cost is £100, then only £50 will be refunded. If a vehicle equipment or accessory has already been dispatched to you, there will usually be a further £9.95 fee to cover the cost of postage.’